RJ Gaurav

Mika’s Monday  : Why does it have to be a Feeka Monday, let’s make it a Mika Monday… listen to and enjoy Mika’s new and old hits with RJ Gaurav at 8PM Central U.S. Time.Tune in every Monday @ 8pm
About RJ : Gaurav  B’day: 4 August Zodiac: Leo …
Three words that describe you: I am just too original!Biggest turn ons: Acting ..theater ..fitness, shopping and cleanliness ….  Biggest turn offs: liars.. liars and liars….. My fans would best know me as: a friend on radio to share… take advice … and celebrate!
One thing i am not: lazy~!  Any particular interests: fitness comes first to me i cannot see me unfit, and things unorganized i am kind of perfectionist in whatever i do… J
Followme: http://www.facebook.com/rjgaurav Known for: my Charisma…  Tagline if any: ab aagya hain who pal ..jismain hain do kal . ek jo beet gaya …. aur ek kal jo aanewala hai! Iss aanewale kal ke liye shruti ki taraf se dher sara pyar Words that describe Shruti : funny, passionate, sensitive, weird, mad, insane, obstinate, caring… What u hear most about her: sweetest voice on radio! signature properties: Problem Tera Solution Puneka , Right ya Wrong, Load shedding , Customer Care.

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