Tune in and enjoy a medley mix of latest chart-busters from Bollywood brought to you by RJ Gaurav

When: Tuesdays @ 8PM Central U.S. Time

Where: http://www.DesiJunction.com

About RJ Gaurav:

Zodiac: Aries

Three words that describe me: Creative, Energetic & Passionate

Biggest turn ons: Good Food, Singing, Laughter

Biggest turn offs: Liars, Selfishness, Body Odor

My fans would best know me as: Spontaneous, Full of fun facts, Excited, People’s person

One thing I am not: Lazy

Any particular interests: Singing, cooking, playing piano

Followme: http://www.facebook.com/rj.gaurav.3

Best known for: Bright shirts and contagious smile

Tagline: Zor ka jhatka dheere se laga

Trait most liked by radio fans: My voice

Signature properties: When there is a problem there is a solution, Quality is better than quantity, One life to live

Request or dedicate a song:


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