Namita Dogra

Joins Desi Junction Worldwide team in India.

Even though Namita Dogra started off her career in the field of environmental management, she soon realized her real calling lied elsewhere. An irrefutable passion for her work was all that she had when she entered the highly competitive media world. But today, she boasts an enviable body of work, having worked with reputed channels such as IBN7, Sahara and P7 News. 

Namita is currently one of the leading TV Anchor and the Entertainment Head for P7 TV News Channel and prior to this she worked for  IBN7, CNBC Awaaz- hindi and CNN-IBN Channels.

She Anchored a nationwide one month project of 1.5 crore for Gillette, both in Hindi and English, for channels IBN7, CNBC Awaaz- hindi and CNN-IBN and CNBC- English. She also hosted a  show  with Javed Habib and another one hour live studio audience based show with panel of 3 guests, including Tisca Chopra (taare zameen par fame), Gillette Representative and one cosmetologist. This show also won the Cannes Advertising award.  Namita has conducted  countless Live interviews of Bollywood celebrities She is the one who brought the talked about controversy between Aamir and Shahrukh during one of her  live interviews with Aamir Khan.   Her entertainment shows touch the heights of TRP charts, most of the time came at No. 1 position under her leadership.

Namita is was  all-round Anchor for  both IBN7 and P7 news Channel. She Anchored award winning auto show TOP DRIVE, entertainment shows, lifestyle shows, education shows, religious shows, talk shows, live shows, breaking news, news bulletins, sport shows (during world cup and commonwealth), etc.  She has been invited to judge various competitions, personally attended many prestious Bollywood parties and she has close relations with many Bollywood personalities and  Asha Bhosle, Boman Irani & Raju Hirani to name a few.   She was nominated as the best entertainment anchor from IBN7 twice to NT Awards (News and Television Awards)

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