Birthday Special to O.P Nayyer and Javed Akhtar on 1/16/2013 at 9pm CT with RJ Rupali .

On Jan 16th is the legendary O.P Nayyer’s birthday, and on Jan 17th the lyrics maestro Javed Akhtar celebrates his birthday. Lets celebrate these Music Moghuls on


*~*~Send in your requests for O.P Nayyer and Javed Akhtar’s songs which you would like to listen to on the radio on 1/16/2013~*~*~*

Don’t forget to tune in to Desi Junction radio on Jan 16th 2013 with RJ Rupali to enjoy the classics of O.P. Nayyer and Javed Akhtar at 9pm CT.

Tune in and stay a while……….


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