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The Desi Girl


Kathak-Holi-643Kathak-Holi-614Kathak-Holi-537Kathak-Holi-527Kathak-Holi-310Kathak-Holi-214Kathak-Holi-188Kathak-Holi-153Kathak-Holi-129Kathak-Holi-116Kathak-Holi-104Kathak-Holi-419Kathak-Holi-417Kathak-Holi-396Kathak-Holi-389Kathak-Holi-386Kathak-Holi-382Kathak-Holi-363Rang Rangili Holi- March 23rd 2013.

A mesmerizing and colorful Kathak performance, full of vibrant energy .Capturing the spirit of Holi,
the students of ASF Kathak danced their way into the hearts of the audience.
The 2 hour show was a nonstop visual treat of color, dance and music. A must see for all age groups.
It was performed in the prestigious “Cutting Hall” in Palatine IL.

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