Thanks to your overwhelming support have have been named as as the No1 Bollywood Radio Station in North America.

Tune in Every Saturday and Sunday at Following Times

• LA/ SFO/Seattle/Vancouver 8:00 AM
• Denver/ Calgary 9:00 AM
• Chicago/Dallas/ Panama City 10:00 AM
• Toronto/NewYork 11:00 AM
• Rio de Janeiro 12:00 PM
• London/Lagos/ Lisbon 4:00 PM
• Amstradam/Barcelona/Paris 5:00 PM
• Mosco/Istanbul/Doha 6:00 PM
• Dubai/Tehran/Kabul 7:00 PM
• Islamabad/Karachi 8:00 PM
• Delhi/Mumbai/Hyderabad 8:30PM
• Bangkok/Kuala Lumpur 10:00 PM
• Hong Kong/Singapore/ 11:00 PM
• Melbourne/Sydney 2:00 PM (Next Day Repeat)

(These are the cities from where Majority of our listeners are tuned in)

Download DJ Radio App


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