SUNDAY KE FUNDAY Live From Chicago

Thanks to your overwhelming support have have been named as as the No1 Bollywood Radio Station in North America.

Tune in Every Saturday and Sunday at Following Times

• LA/ SFO/Seattle/Vancouver 8:00 AM
• Denver/ Calgary 9:00 AM
• Chicago/Dallas/ Panama City 10:00 AM
• Toronto/NewYork 11:00 AM
• Rio de Janeiro 12:00 PM
• London/Lagos/ Lisbon 4:00 PM
• Amstradam/Barcelona/Paris 5:00 PM
• Mosco/Istanbul/Doha 6:00 PM
• Dubai/Tehran/Kabul 7:00 PM
• Islamabad/Karachi 8:00 PM
• Delhi/Mumbai/Hyderabad 8:30PM
• Bangkok/Kuala Lumpur 10:00 PM
• Hong Kong/Singapore/ 11:00 PM
• Melbourne/Sydney 2:00 PM (Next Day Repeat)

(These are the cities from where Majority of our listeners are tuned in)

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