Happiness Junction- Week 1


Feed Your Neighbor

By Ritika Mathur

After the successful starting and execution of FEED YOUR NEIGHBOR drive, this mission has been taken over by the team of DESI JUNCTION with an aim of “Quality and Equal life style to all. To make any of their hidden desire come true as well”.


Desi Junction Foundation is taking this FYN drive to an International Level by providing donations, Toys, gifts, and food to these people. Many people have contributed by donating money and many other gifts to Desi Junction and so many are people like Doctors, Teachers, Beauticians, Housemakers are approaching Desi Junction for helping us in this drive.

This mission was not possible without the help of a friend Paluk Khanna and Rajat Gupta. Our Mission on First Day i.e., 26th Oct 2015, is to provide orphan Children with all the needs they want. Our wishes, to fulfil these kids dreams, came true at “Sahasra Deepika-International for Education”, which is run by its co-founder and Treasurer Vijaya L. Ramakrishna .You will be surprise to know that what these kids want from them. They want stuff like Toys, Chappals, Burgers and many other things. Seema once said “There is no satisfaction by knowing that someone out there, whom you don’t even know, sleeping with stomach full tonight, this satisfaction is commendable. So please visit the page and do what you can.

Desi Junction Team Salutes to all those who are so much concerned for these kids and Joining us without any selfish reasons.


To Contact us-

  • Visit our FB page- Desi Junction
  • Email- info@desijunction.com
  • Call/Message – +1.312.772.3374


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