Happiness Junction- Week 2


Week 2: Giving Confidence by ENRICH Salons

By Ritika Mathur

Have you ever got jealous after looking poor kids all fashionistasss.. No… well it’s time now to get jealous…

Desi Junction Team in B’lore is taking this drive further by giving free Hair Styles to the poor kids and to homeless people on 6th Nov. 2015.

ENRICH -the one and only salon who gave us their helping hand in taking this drive to a whole new level by giving a free hair cut and educating them about cleanliness, how to shampoo to the kids of Sahasra Deepika-International for Education.

Reena Uppal, who lives in Bangalore, has always been generous about hairstyling. She always wanted to be a part of a social welfare. She represents Enrich Salon which uses L’Oreal products. She and three more of her colleagues spends their one whole day in giving free hair styles, extensions, hair colors to these poor kids and homeless people. She started offering haircuts to the homeless after Desi Junction Team took the FYN drive to an International Level. The idea, she says, is to simply give back what she has learned through life.

Jassi Parmar, the Founder and CEO of Desi Junction Initiative-Happiness Junction, a non-profit organisation, said that “a haircut is not just a Haircut. It reminds people who they really are and who they can be and shows a better version of their current and past selves. This will give them confidence to do something in life. For some this is the first time that they ever have a haircut from a prestigious salon.”

Just because they are poor and can’t afford a haircut in such a high end salon, it doesn’t mean that we can’t afford one. We can atleast do this to help them and to look towards life in a better way and to motivate them in some positive way.

Help Desi Junction Team in taking this initiative further.

Please contact us to make our work worthwhile.

1)        Visit our FB page- Desi Junction
2)        Email- info@desijunction.com
3)        Call/Message – +1.312.772.3374

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