Week 3: Enrich Salons-Happy Kids

By Ritika Mathur

It’s time now to finally get jealous with these happy kids…


Have you ever seen a kid so happy just because of a haircut?

This is what ENRICH SALON is doing.

A simple, selfless yet graceful act of by Enrich Salon.

Hats off to them!!!

Desi Junction Team in B’lore has taken this drive much further by giving free Hair Styles to the kids of Sahasra Deepika-International for Education on 6th Nov. 2015. ENRICH-A high end prestigious salon, who promised their helping hand by giving a free haircut and educating them about cleanliness.

As Seema said that “They loved the hair cut and ENRICH used all the senior stylist n products Including disposable capes, products and the teenaged gals loved it”.

The Team which helped in making these little kids’ dream come true is incredible. Vidyadhari Zonal Head, Vanaja Asst Salon Manager, Shiva Narsimha Siddharaju, Vinod Hair Stylist, Reena Cluster Manager + 4 Hair Stylists are among those who just want to do something for the society.

Desi Junction Volunteers are teaming up with Enrich Saloon to give a Makeover to needy Kids in Bangalore.
Special Thanks to Reena Uppal, Seema Mishra Bhatnagar, Suman Sharma, Biju Varghese, Pratik Tanna, Suhana Bhatia, Aishwarya Bhatnagar, Gargi Shukla Pathak, Ruby Saraf, Priti Sehrawat, Ankit Mahajan, Shikha Pant, Neela Patel, Aslam Qureshi, Surender Mathur, Ashita Mathur, Megha Mathur, Namita Dogra,RJPunita, Ruchi Vijayvargia, Vinita Gulabani, for their help and Support in this great cause.

Desi Junction are teaming up with many like minded people from around the world – Monica Agarwal, Roopali Chand, Noman Khan, Sneha Dixit VA COSMETICS http://www.VAyourself.com, Vinnis SalonandSpa- Vinita, Ravi Rawat,Mohan Rawat, Rti Rawat, Shalini Dixit, Shalini Saxena, Ajai Kumar, Anil Nashier, Reshmi Nashier, Atul Agnihotri, Gee Mahesh, Neil Khot, Vandana Jhingan, Ankur Garg and many more to give new Hope, Love and Happiness for these little Kids.

It feels really good to see smiles on the faces of these small kids. It’s a great step indeed.

Please contact us to make our work worthwhile. We are not asking for CASH, we just want your time and services for this cause.

Help Desi Junction Team in taking this initiative further.

Please contact us to make our work worthwhile.

1)        Visit our FB page- https://www.facebook.com/desijunction/?fref=ts
2)        Email- info@desijunction.com
3)        Call/Message – +1.312.772.3374 or 1-312-PRA-DESI


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