Happiness Junction-Week 5


Week 5: Children’s Day

“Padegi Bitiya tabhi toh badhega India”

By Ritika Mathur

Seema Bhatnagar of Desi Junction spends her whole day with the Kids of Sahasra Deepika-International for Education on 14th Nov., 2015. This day has been marked as an important day in the life of Seema as well as Desi Junction’s Milestones. With the mission of educating Children, Seema distributed pencils, pens, copies, colors and many other things to these needy kids. She said that “these kids deserve to be happy and educated. We all spends this day just like that, instead we should help the needy kids so that they may repay their country by taking it further.”



Message from Mrs Vijaya founder of Sahasra Deepika- “Seema, I thought you are celebrating your anniversary, but you are celebrating Children’s Day!!  How nice to see you and your Desi Junction friends with our children!!!! Thank you and your Friends, I got lots of photos of cup cakes, Children are enjoying. Thanks you so much.”

Jassi Parmar, the Founder and CEO of Desi Junction’s  Initiative-Happiness Junction said that “the greatest need of a person in life is the feeling of ‘being wanted’ and ‘being noticed’. The need for this wontedness is a Non-imaginable thirst and it is true in the case of children. This day is celebrated all over India so that Future of our country can learn, and can bring their nation to a level which no one has ever dared to imagine. Today, our Children are thrown to evils of drugs, alcohol, labor, abuse and even to violence. And hence, this is Desi Junction’s call to put an end to all this evil thing that has been done to Kids as well as it reminds us that what these kids are worth of and what they can do. They are so precious and a valuable asset of our Mother Nation and a big big hope of tomorrow. They teach us how to be simple, have pure heart, have pure mind, be truthful, and be innocent.”

As it is rightly said – A nation prospers or progresses to the extent it is able to develop the hidden potential lying untapped in her children. In a country like India, where children constitute a good percentage of the population, we need to give much more attention to their all-round development. A day like Children’s Day is a right step in this direction.

Help Desi Junction Team in taking this initiative further.

Please contact us to make our work worthwhile.

1)        Visit our FB page- https://www.facebook.com/desijunction/?fref=ts
2)        Email- info@desijunction.com
3)        Call/Message – +1.312.772.3374 or 1-312-PRA-DESI



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