Week 6- Chennai Flood Victims

Kisi Ki Madad Karna Mushkil Nahi Hai

Our team in Bangalore is reaching out in Chennai to help flood victims in this disastrous moment. Our volunteer leaving for Chennai. They have collected bed sheets, old cloths ,umbrella ,medicines and sending bread and biscuits from Khusiyon ka Junction.

Seema, Desi Junction’s volunteer in B’lore thought about helping these people in need of an hour. Her Living room is filled with cloths that have to be distributed among those flood victims in Chennai. Montessori school teacher Sandhya helped in sorting cloths

It’s really wonderful that Seema, her son and her friends are putting in such fantastic efforts to help with Chennai relief. That’s one of the more important messages we need to convey to younger generation. Being 3rd day of the month, its salary time for maids there. Seema was surprised to see that even her maid asked her to deduct some money from her salary and buy stuff for Chennai. Our team is planning to have a fund raiser involving kids.

Our Volunteer Priti Sehrawat is sending some supplies directly to Seema’s place via bigbasket.com and then she will forward on to Chennai. They have also shared address with Suhana as the Connect-Ticket group, Who are looking for ways to help. Suhana is an active member in that group. If they have not found any other way to send supplies, then Seema’s help would be taken again and Suhana will be the CT member routing those efforts. CT is also connected to NGO, Youth for People by Dipesh Tank.

Jassi, CEO and founder of Desi Junction initiative Happiness Junction said “Always remember it doesn’t matter how much time or money you are contributing, what’s more important is intention behind your efforts and realising that whatever you have thought of doing, is now actually happening. I always wanted to help people in need and see now me and my team is here for all the help they can give. It means a lot to them. So thank you all for your time, efforts and contributions”.

So far Seema has collected Cloths, need milk, bread, biscuits, sanitary napkins, milk powder medicines. Seema is getting a big basket delivery done to her place and will send it ahead. Yesterday supply went by truck. There are transport agencies doing free transportation to Chennai. We have many NGOs working towards sending help. There is a silent one minute deep prayer all over world for peace and safety of people in Chennai.

We Request all to participate in this one minute prayer from where ever they are.

Time 6 PM IST today.
Please pass on this message to everyone across globe.
It is simple but very powerful.
Thank you Seema you are giving us reason to work even harder so that we can spend the love and happiness. Thank you all for what you have been doing for the last so many weeks.

Our Team in Chicago and in India is trying to help in every way possible. Desi Junction wants to Thanks every team member including Seema Bhatnagar, Suhana, Priti Sehrawat, Jassi Parmar, Neela Patel, Ritika Mathur, Ankit Mahajan, Aslam Qureshi, Gargi Shukla, Ruby Saraf, Ruchi, Vijay  Nandita Mahesh, Vinita Gulabani, Meenu Jethi, Abhilasha, Jeen Varghese, Suman Sharma, Shikha Pant.

Help Desi Junction Team in taking this initiative further.

Please contact us to make our work worthwhile.

1)         Visit our FB page- https://www.facebook.com/desijunction/?fref=ts
2)         Email- info@desijunction.com
3)         Call/Message – +1.312.772.3374 or 1-312-PRA-DESI



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