Choti si Asha – Happiness Junction

Our team of Happiness Junction (an initiative by Desi Junction worldwide Radio) in Bengaluru teamed up with a NGO named Kaushalya Vikas Kendra (KVik), which is a “not for-profit” company to help women who are in need of employment and want to stand on their own feet. This NGO is promoted by Mr. Subbu Hegde and his friends to serve a social cause: “Create employment by Skill Development”. KVik also serves a national cause by providing skilled human resource to the economy and Desi Junction team is helping them in taking this initiative more further for the benefit of the women in need.

Employment.. When we all hear this word we all feel a sense of relaxation in our lives. But Imagine, who don’t have this opportunity of being employed or to even work on their own. Its a basic need of our society. People around the world need something to get motivated and to get going.

Our Desi Junction team feel very fortunate to help those people who needs our help in making their lives worth while.

Our team of Happiness Junction in Bengaluru Happy to report that today we gifted two commercial sewing machines with motors to two needy girls at Kushalya Vikas Kendra
( a centre for skill development and vocational training to school drop outs ). The day we gift a business platform to two young girls.

As our Head Volunteer in Bengaluru Seema Bhatnagar said,” we needed to identify such girls at a NGO, whose founder is Mr.Subbu Hegde, The founder of KVIK  worked with BOSCH retired and is giving all his precious time and knowledge to this NGO which provides vocational training to them. We gifted them 2 sewing machines so that they may start their own business. Time to come is going to be good for them. The same NGO Will b providing them some initial business. And we are trying to get them attach to some boutiques so that they can work there”.

She Visited the Ebenezer children home on friday morning and Gifted the kids with fruits ( avoided chocolates this time) from us. An orphanage really in need of help, they have very less funding. They have neat n clean just a few beds other kids sleep on the floor.

Our team is in talks with Riaans dance teacher to teach them dance during summer vacation. The kids have nothing to do during summer vacation and I asked them what they wanted to do ..and they said learn dance.

Also in pipe line for this orphanage is an eye test and hair cutting n basic health check up.

Help Desi Junction Team in taking this initiative further.

Please contact us to make our work worthwhile.

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3)         Call/Message – +1.312.772.3374 or 1-312-PRA-DESI

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