Desi Junction Welcomes Brahmakumaris Sister Shivani to Chicago on “Awakening with Love and Forgiveness”

Brahmakumaris Sister Shivani, an Internationally renowned and a great inspirational speaker, is in US. Brahmakumaris Americas are hosting Sister Shivani in Chicago with other more than 10 cities with the theme of “Awakening with Love and Forgiveness”.

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Sister Shivani presents spiritual solutions to the complex problems of contemporary life through a TV program called Awakening with Brahma Kumaris and a YouTube channel with over 33 million views and over 160,000 subscribers.

Desi Junction team members Trupti Patel, Surender Mathur, Ashita Mathur, Vinita Gulabani and Gaurav Tuteja could attend the “Awakening” and share their wonderful experience.

RJ Neesha of Desi Junction had the golden opportunity to talk to  Sister Shivani and ask few questions.

RJ Neesha : Why was this theme of awakening chosen?  What does awakening truly means to all of us ?

Sister Shivani : Awakening to a new way of thinking, a new way of living a new way of being, as most of us are living our life with belief systems and conditioning which we have accepted from society , from parents, and generations down the line which we need to check and see if they are the right ones for us .

For eg: stress is normal, anger is normal, competition is a way of living, successful is the one who achieves the most, so these are certain belief systems which we are living for many births now. And so, its time, as these belief systems have started to take a toll on us, that’s the reason our emotional, physical and mental health, relationships everything is getting affected by these belief systems. Hence awakening is awakening to a new belief system to a new way of thinking. We are sleeping in ignorance and awakening is waking up to a new belief system.  There should be no fear to change the belief, we should have the power to change it. Create beliefs which are good for the mind, relationships should not be challenging, one should have the power to change it. That’s where spiritual knowledge and daily practice of meditation helps.



RJ Neesha : There are so many spiritual and religious organizations in Chicago, what does Brahmakumaris have to offer that can apply to all individuals irrespective of religion and nationalities?

Sister Shivani : Bramhkumaris offers the technique of Rajyoga, by which I can understand myself, understand the sanskars (nature ) which I have not been using for some time, so RajYoga gives us the power to emerge those sanskaars- way of living to connect to the supreme power , strengthen the soul by which  I understand what is the right belief system ,and I shall have the power to live by that belief system. Basic purpose of Rajyoga is to help transform the basic nature – Sanskaar. The world changes if the Sanskaar changes. Therefore Rajyoga has the power to change the world and is applicable to everyone, irrespective of religion, caste , creed. Dharam of the individual is peace, love and happiness and we have to live by our Dharam and abide by our duties. RajYoga teaches us to do that and is for everybody

Website: brahmakumaris.US and  also there are centers located everywhere where the volunteers will guide you get in depth information on meditation and spiritual well being.

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RJ Neesha :All of the Brahmakumari followers, desi junction listeners and aspirant members like me are looking forward to attending the upcoming event, what would be their biggest take away ?

Sister Shivani : They would get some very simple equations that can apply to various complexities of life. Just like in Math we have equations where the equation is the first line and the solution goes into pages, so it is very important to get the equation right to have good solution and spiritual connection helps us get the equation right and when we all come together to share those equations we will find those equations which will address our personal and professional life issues.

Sister Shivani holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and  a Gold Medalist from Pune University. She received ASSOCHAM’s Woman of the Decade award and is a goodwill ambassador of the World Psychiatry Association.

RJ Neesha : Sister Shivani, you are an Electronics engineer, I am sure all of our listeners would like to know when and how did this enlightened journey start for you.

Sister Shivani : It was about 20 years back and as my parents were following this way of living and the change in their life inspired me to go on the same path.


Jain Temple, Bartlett invited Sister Shivani and conducted a very special evening for all the followers of the Awakening Family.

The Brahma Kumaris are hosting free public programs in US .Free tickets and information on these programs of different cities are available at In Chicago, it is at UIC Pavilion on July 1st from 3 pm to 5 pm. You can RSVP for your free ticket at

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