DJ Rising Star Episode 8 – Ashish Das

Ashish Das is a singer and a songwriter from Kolkata, India. He is a very passionate singer and believes in Nature’s way of direction for him towards the Musical Journey in his life. 

He wants to experience the trip with all of his unique creation and dimensions that touch, enrich and uplift his mind in a way that opens everybody’s heart for a greater Joy.

He grew up listening to great musicians that nourished the world culture and helped bring people together of all nations. His mother was a great singer and he says that she was as melodious as the famous singer Geeta Dutt.

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He wanted to learn “sarod” as they used to go to Guruji’s house – Ustad Bahadur Khan, cousin brother of Ustad Ali Akhbar Khan. But due to his engineering studies he had to leave his Kolkata home. While he was in Kolkata he was a avid cricketer playing for South Kolkata and other clubs.

The Power of Love flows through music that shatters all barriers. He  sings in multiple languages and invites all the listeners to  be part of this beautiful journey of Music.

He has recently composed the title song for a Hindi Serial and had an opportunity to perform at Orlando with Sunidhi Chouhan and Abhijit.

Several of his songs are under considerations for Hindi Films.

Desi Junction family wishes Ashish Das all the very very best in all his future endeavors. Keep Singing!

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