DJ Rising Star Episode 9 – Kajari Sen Kabiraj

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Episode 9 – Our very own RJ Deep in conversation with Kajari Sen Kabiraj

Kajari was born in Kolkata in a very middle class family and spent most of her childhood in the greeneries of Assam. She is  a profound music lover and her day would start with music and end with more music. She loves to get drowned every minute of her day listening to and singing every variation of Indian and Western music.


She grew up in a family environment where music was “a way of life”. The sound of music in her ears brought unusual joy and happiness in her  life from a very early age and this was identified by her Grandmother at the age of 5, she was her first Guru.

Her “Dida” (Grandmother) who never had a formal training in Vocal music herself was one of the most melodious singer Kajari has ever heard. Her initial introduction to Sa-Re-Ga-Ma was from her Grandmother “Dida”.  Later she learnt Rabindra Sangeet and Modern Bengali songs from her too.  Kajari started her Hindustani Classical Vocal training at the age of 10 from her first Hindustani Classical Guru, Monu Ghosh ji till the age of 14. During this period she  also participated and performed in the school cultural events and local club functions. Later, she  had to take a break for a good number of years from her music lessons and performances due to academic reasons.



In her college days, where she pursued her BA Hons in Political Science, she was an enthusiastic participant in all cultural events held in college and at inter-college levels. She  was popularly known as a dancer, a dramatist and an excellent singer. After tying the knots and the responsibility of nurturing a family there was a long break of 16 years but the passion of singing never died within her.

She  started a new chapter of her  life one year back returning to music. Started her Talim in Hindustani Classical Vocal from Pt. Shri Geetesh Mishra ji from Banaras Gharana. Now Kajari is again back on stage with renewed energy, Love and enthusiasm for music. In the last one year she  has been performing on stage at Delhi NCR and have been engaged with a few projects for creating good music albums.

Kajari says “Music for me is Expression of Feelings from deep within, where simple words cannot reach. Inspired by the melodious voice of none other than Asha Ji, I want to dedicate my singing to create unique melodious compositions and help others to identify their talent and nurture their singing and music.”


Desi Junction family wishes Kajari all the very very best in all her future endeavors. Keep Singing!!

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