Priti Sehrawat
Name : Priti Sehrawat
Nick Name : Priti
Few Lines About Me : Love life and everything that this universe has to offer!
My Zodiac Sign : An adventurous Sagittarius & straight shooting Archer!
My Personality Type : Comfortable with people and with just myself for company too!
My Passions : Reading, writing, connecting with people, travel, and I love to happily explore all of my talents! Some friends have called me a warrior for peace!
My favorite Sports : mmmm… do carom, pool and scrabble qualify?
My favorite Books : I love books and at one time, I called books my best friends! There are too many good books to write about, but one book that has somehow always stayed in my mind is “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”
by Richard Bach.
My Favorite Food : Indian food will always remain my most favorite comfort food! Love my mom’s UP style pakora curry! And yes, without a good dessert, no meal is complete:-)
My Favorite Actor(s) : Indian cinema has diversified so much and no topic is taboo anymore. Neither is a song and dance, a needed component of a Bollywood movie. With that said, there are some immensely talented actors and actresses who may have done supporting, or small roles, but definitely gave the movie their own personal touch! The cameraman in Bajrangi Bhaijaan for instance, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, was an integral part of the movie and carried off his role so well. I also enjoy work of actors who perform their role with a lot of sensitivity like Rahul Bose (Mr & Mrs Iyer).
My favorite Actress(s) : Same note as above for a wonderful genre of actresses! Besides lead actresses like Kangana Ranaut, Vidya Balan, there were those without whom the movie may not have turned out as good as it did. An example of such would be Lisa Haydon for her role in Queen!
My favorite Movie(s) : I have to say here, that if a movie is based on a book and is better than the book, that’s a movie after my own heart! Also, the one exception to my general rule of no repeats, is the movie “The Matrix”
. There is an entire mini-universe of regular Matrix watchers, in case you did not know!
My favorite movie Dialogue(s) : When the lorry driver tells Bunty and Babli, “Upar waale sachche badshah di courier service lagi hai… jab jisko kuch chahiye hota hai na… bhej deta hai.”
My favorite Song(s) : Rang de Aman se Aasmaan from movie, “My name is Khan”.
I Love : This beautiful life that the universe has bestowed on us, the magic that is hidden in every day and my awesome friends who will always be my family!
I Hate : “Hate” is too strong a word. Generally when a person commits an act which can be construed as extremely negative, it acts as a catalyst prompting one to do something differently or move on to a new chapter. We should be thanking the catalyst! Also when we say we “hate” something, those things are also catalysts!
Favorite Quote : “A challenge in your path is but a tool to find the light within!”
Priti Sehrawat
Why Desi Junction : The commitment of this passionate team as well as their broad minded, and all encompassing, humanitarian approach is something that will always have its own magnetic pull! It is one of the main reasons why Desi Junction will be at the top!!
More About Me : Am a numerologist, author “Your Name Reveals Your Nature”, counselor, public speaker and have been an RJ on Desi Junction! Am currently a volunteer with Desi Junction. My shows “Kuch Pal Priti ke Saath” and “Aapka Number Kya Hai” were broadcast in 2013-14. These were based primarily on numerology and KPPKS also had interviews of guests who had done inspiring work. My website is